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The Gigi Drop Huggies

18K Gold / Silver Plated | Sterling Silver

Water & Sweat Resistant | Hypoallergenic

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Material & Details

・Material: 18K Gold / Silver Plated | Sterling Silver
・Inner Diameter: 0.8cm
・Highlights: Waterproof | Sweat-proof | Ocean-Proof | Adjustable | Hypoallergenic

lilllll reminder from us: while the Gigi is waterproof & strong in colour discolouration, dooo take it off in the shower for longer durability, enjoyy

Application: simply remove the lil ball on the end & swirl it in when the huggies are ready and all good! kind reminder to do in front of a mirror, on a desk to avoid dropping the lil ball as it's quite tinyy and could slip off easily

Shipping Details

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・AUD 3 for orders over AUD49

Hong Kong
・Standard Shipping: 6-10 Business Days
・Just HKD25 for orders over HKD380

Taiwan / Macau
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Niru Duwal

The Gigi Drop Huggies

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